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TALENT System Introduction for the upcoming CBT


Hi Investigators, 

Today we bring you the updated gameplay information in the upcoming Closed Beta Test about TALENT.
To make the competition even more intense, we add the TALENT system, which you can weapon yourself with on the preparation page. Now come to have a first look at the new system.


Effect Brief

There are two types of TALENTs: individual TALENT and stage TALENT. Each player could carry a maximum of three individual TALENTs and one stage TALENT.
Individual TALENT: A supplement to the character's abilities. Different players can freely choose various individual talents.
Stage TALENT: It will affect the stage structures and the behavior of NPCs in the scene to influence Sirius's survival ability and deciphering ability.



The TALENT could be unlocked and upgraded. As you level up, you can unlock up to four TALENTs. Upgrading TALENT will make the effect more powerful. Remember that unlocking and upgrading TALENTs cost TALENT points. When completing the match, you will earn points based on your performance.


Prepare yourself for the missions,
The Mission Zero Team

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